Who can play

Tourists & Travellers
Looking for things to do in Reykjavik? Reykjavik Escape is perfect activity to fit in between more traditional tourist activities. Put your skills to the test working through riddles and brain bending puzzles and try to break out from one of our themed escape rooms.

Family & Friends
Why not try a completely new form of activity with your family or a group of friends? Put your brains to the test or collaborate with your best friends to solve the puzzles. Reward yourself with an interactive live escape game instead of yet another movie.

Gamers & Aficionados
Think you’re smart at solving online games? Try it in a real setting, with real puzzles and riddles while relying on partnership and cooperation with people face to face. This will be your fastest 60 minutes ever!

Students & Classes
Our Escape Games offer an intellectual challenge with focus and fun! Excercise your brain power with puzzle solving while having great fun with school friends!